Thread carpal tunnel release

Minimally invasive, instant relief.

An elegant procedure.

Thread carpal tunnel release (TCTR) is a scalpel-less, ultra-minimally invasive procedure for treating carpal tunnel syndrome.

With the guidance of an ultrasound, the transverse carpal ligament is cut by a piece of thread, looped around the ligament, removing pressure from the nerve. The thread is easily routed in the hand using a needle with only two punctures as the entry and exit points.

The technique ensures that the division happens only inside the loop of thread around the target without injuring adjacent tissues or nerves, ensuring the best possible patient outcome.

Watch the procedure

Safe and effective.

Thread carpal tunnel release is optimized for the lowest levels of surgical risk, recovery time and overall cost.

Instant relief

Relieve yourself from carpal tunnel syndrome with absolutely no incisions. Thread CTR can be performed in under 15 minutes at available clinics.

Best outcome

An ultra-minimally invasive technique optimizes patient recovery time. This procedure enables same-day recovery with zero scarring.

Lowest cost

Thread CTR is the most economical carpal tunnel procedure. This treatment has the lowest out-of-pocket expense and insurance claims.

The clear choice.

Feel instant relief with no scarring and next-day recovery. Thread carpal tunnel release is the best available carpal tunnel treatment option.

Open CTR

  • 3% complication rate
  • 2 inch scar
  • 3 weeks to light activity
  • 2 month recovery
  • General anesthesia
  • Operating room
  • $$

Endoscopic CTR

  • 3% complication rate
  • 1/4 inch scar
  • 1 week to light activity
  • 1 month recovery
  • Local anesthesia
  • Operating room
  • $$$

Thread CTR

  • <1% complication rate
  • Negligible marks
  • Same-day to light activity
  • Next-day recovery
  • Local anesthesia
  • Clinic-based room
  • $

Trusted and proven.

Thread carpal tunnel release is performed at top hospitals across the nation. Hundreds of patients have relieved their symptoms with ease and no scarring.

"Rarely does a new surgical procedure offer an elegant and compelling alternative to the old tried and true technique. The thread Carpal Tunnel Release procedure, invented by the Guo brothers, is such an exception. This new surgical technique is a brilliant addition to the surgical armamentarium that accelerates patient recovery while improving clinical outcome."

- Michel Kliot, M.D.

Director of Peripheral Nerve Center, Stanford

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